Project Spotlight — MechaChain

As 2022 rolls on, we continue to remain steadfast in our commitment to present our community with promising early-stage blockchain projects, and this includes the vast selection of games in the play-to-earn market. For an NFT game to make the grade, MoonEdge takes a close look at the fundamentals behind each project including features such as tokenomics, gameplay, and the team itself.

It is therefore our pleasure to cast the spotlight on Mechachain, a 3D play-to-earn adventure that enables players to combine various NFTs to create all-powerful robot warriors (known as Mechas in the game). After careful inspection, we can confirm that Mechachain is unique from the current market selection in several ways. Its lore centers around a conflict between two powerful A.I. entities, which are the Hêmérê’s techno-democracy and MR-GL-201’s algocracy. Players will be tasked to choose a side and create mighty Mecha warriors to dominate the metaverse and earn bountifully.

Limitless Potential

Mechachain aims to push the boundaries of current battle video games while utilizing the power of blockchain and NFTs. While typical P2E games feature standard ready-made characters, Mechachain takes a different approach by allowing players to build their own warriors piece by piece using three-dimensional NFTs. Each of these Mecha parts is known as Modules and will affect a warrior’s stats such as their attack power, defense, and speed.

The benefit of this feature is that it enables players to develop a proprietary style of gameplay that is unique to them and their preferences. Users can enjoy a customized character that they identify with and build a strategy around its attributes.

Elite Gaming, Inclusive Tokenomics

Mechachain developers have set out to build more than just a game. As stated in their Whitepaper, the vision of the team is to create a “…a future where it is possible to become a professional mecha pilot and make a living from it.” This ambitious goal is reinforced with tokenomics that remove the barriers commonly found in e-sports, making the Mechachain metaverse inclusive rather than elitist.

To achieve this, Mechachain will shift towards total decentralization of ownership and in-game economy to ensure fairness and transparency for all players. Game governance will focus on community voting, allowing active stakers to make key decisions regarding gaming features such as tournaments, new NFTs, lotteries, and more. More about the staking options for $MECHA holders can be found here.

Harnessing the Power of VR

Bringing together the worlds of virtual reality and gaming has only helped thrust the play-to-earn segment closer towards mass adoption. The Mechachain team, realizing the potential of this powerful combination, offers users the chance to venture throughout its metaverse with VR mode gaming. Players with a VR headset can access the game to enjoy a more immersive NFT gaming experience.

A Robust Community Standing Proudly Behind a Promising P2E Game

The growth of the Mechachain community has been impressive, to say the least, with social media channels that boast tens of thousands of loyal followers. We encourage you to connect with Mechachain in the links below to stay updated on important announcements and possible upcoming partnerships. Once again, the MoonEdge team thanks you for your support as we will continue to work hard to seek out blockchain projects of the highest pedigree.

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