Project Spotlight: Blockchain Monster Hunt

Hello MoonEdge Community!

The success of our IDO and first project launch has created incredible momentum both for our team and community; and we can barely contain our excitement as we proudly present our next project IDO, Blockchain Monster Hunt.

BCMH is the latest NFT game to hit the DeGaming metaverse that features exciting Pokemon-like action combined with a lucrative reward system. After analyzing the game mechanics, taking an in-depth look at the accomplished dev team, and overall hype surrounding this game, it was an easy choice for us to select Blockchain Monster Hunt as the next IDO to host on MoonEdge.

Entertaining & Equitable: The Perfect Gaming Experience

While other blockchain battle games on the market tend to follow a uniform pattern when it comes to gameplay and design, Blockchain Monster Hunt distinguishes itself from the rest with over 500 possible monsters to collect and battle with. Its play-to-earn economy provides players with an opportunity to earn $BCMH and in-game NFTs like the monsters themselves, and these monsters can also be traded, rented, or sold on the NFT market.

BCMH has two different species of monsters that are found throughout the game. The first are wild species, which are “born” the moment they are hashed on the blockchain and are caught by players. The second species, Artificial specials, are created when players breed one of their monsters with another that possesses higher statistics. This breeding option is advantageous to players as the new offspring will also be born with rare traits that make it more effective in battle. And a stronger monster in battle means better chances of winning rewards.

Cross-Chain Interoperability

Another unique feature of BCMH is its multichain compatibility. Players can catch rare monsters as they are hashed across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, HECO, and this adds to the fun of amassing a diverse collection of monster warriors with unique elemental traits and stats. Remember, some elements are stronger than others and should be used strategically to improve your chances of winning each battle. You’ll also want to be sure that your catching power is high enough to catch the monsters as they are created, and you can assure this by paying an extra fee, payable in $BCMH.

A Strong Team with Solid Partnerships

The BCMH team is made up of industry-leading engineers, artists, and game developers that have extensive experience in each of their fields and have held positions in some of the world’s biggest tech firms which include Facebook, Google, and Boost Labs. BCMH has also formed key partnerships with major players such as ChainBoost, pNetwork, and Polygon, further adding to their credibility.

Ready? Set? Hunt!

We will be working closely with the BCMH team over the next several weeks to provide the support needed in areas such as advisory, marketing, and raising capital. We are thrilled to be able to present this project to our community and we look forward to a successful launch that will benefit both Blockchain Monster Hunt players and MoonEdge users.

Connect with Blockchain Monster Hunt

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Connect with MoonEdge

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