Project Spotlight — Galaxy Fight Club

3 min readDec 14, 2021

NFT games must have several key features to solidify themselves as a true gem. Gameplay and design must be entertaining to a degree that captivates players and keeps them engaged. The lore of the game should be unique from anything else on the market and from a financial standpoint, the in-game economy must be sound and offer players several ways to earn rewards for their time spent in the game. Lastly, a successful NFT game must have an experienced team that is well connected with its community and capable of carrying out its roadmap.

Galaxy Fight Club checks all of the boxes above and is the next NFT game proudly supported by MoonEdge. As the NFT gaming market grows by leaps and bounds, players have more than their fair share of options when it comes to choosing a gaming ecosystem to participate in. But at MoonEdge, our obligation to our community remains unchanged despite the abundance of play-to-earn options on the market. We are committed to only supporting projects of the highest pedigree, so our investors and developers benefit in the long term.

The Super Smash Bros of the Metaverse

If you’re familiar with the classic game Super Smash Bros, you already know the fun and excitement that comes with battling your favorite iconic characters from different universes. Galaxy Fight Club integrates this concept using some of the most popular NFTs ever created. It’s the first-ever cross-IP PVP NFT game in which players can face off against each other utilizing NFT heroes from some of the most popular collections ever created, like Bored Apes, Dead Heads, and more!

Cross-IP: The NFT Game Changer

One of the main reasons the MoonEdge team landed firmly on Galaxy Fight Club is its Cross-IP gaming feature. This stands for Cross Intellectual Property, and functions to unite several brands from different collections onto one platform. The same way Super Smash Bros joined Super Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, and others, Galaxy Fight Club will accomplish the same with NFTs that have defined an era.

Plenty of Rewards to Go Around

Adding to the appeal of Galaxy Fight Club are the multiple ways users can play-to-earn. A player can earn loot boxes for battles won, forge NFT weapons, rent their heroes to other players, and even train second-generation fighters and sell them on the open NFT marketplace. Galaxy Fight Club goes above and beyond to ensure players enjoy an entertaining and equitable blockchain gaming experience.

Figure 1: The Galaxy Fight Club Earning System

Top-Tier Partnerships

New projects face a lot of scrutiny, especially when entering a competitive sector such as NFT gaming. However, the partnerships made by the Galaxy Fight Club team instill confidence and credibility, which will all but ensure a smooth and successful launch. GFC has partnered with industry leaders such as Dead Heads, Bored Apes Yacht Club, and Animetas, to name a few.

A More Diverse Battlefield

We see Galaxy Fight Club as a true market disruptor that will deliver plenty of entertainment, rewards, and topped off with the excitement of seeing your favorite NFT characters in action. The MoonEdge team looks forward to working closely with GFC to ensure a smooth and successful launch, benefitting investors and players from both of our communities.

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