Project Spotlight — Fidira

At MoonEdge, we carefully vet each project to ensure we are supporting concepts and DeFi protocols that are true market disruptors. Far too many low-quality blockchain projects have come and gone, robbing crypto enthusiasts of their time, capital, and slowing our collective goal of widespread adoption. For the MoonEdge team to fully get behind a project, we need to identify real-world use cases and developers with the experience and capacity to follow through on their objectives.

That being said, we are delighted to announce our upcoming IDO for Fidira, a revolutionary crypto gift card that checks all of our boxes as a product that will not only change the landscape of crypto accessibility, but has partnered with major distributors to ensure they hit the ground at full steam.

Crypto and NFTs Made Easy

Fidira gift cards provide users with a barrier-free portal into the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrency. With a simple purchase and scan of a QR code, users have a crypto wallet instantly opened for them with a complimentary NFT to go along with it. It’s simple, easy, and will be widely available at major retailers across the globe.

Trading crypto and NFTs are sometimes met with lagging transaction times and fluctuations in gas fees that up the cost of doing business. However, Fidira capitalizes on the high throughput, low fees, and scalability of the Polygon network, ensuring a much more affordable and user-friendly experience.

The Right Partnerships from Day 1

We would not be the least bit surprised if the idea of a cryptocurrency gift card is completely new to you, however, these products do exist currently. Despite this, the lack of awareness these cards create with consumers indicates to us there is a deficiency in the way they are marketed and distributed.

Fidira on the other hand has already made waves in the DeFi space, building a community of followers on major social media outlets such as Twitter, Medium, and Youtube. Incorporating NFTs from industry giants such as OpenSea and Sandbox also ensures their gift card users familiarize themselves and are invested with one of the fastest-growing spaces in DeFi.

Fidira also has an ace in its pocket, the nature of which is a partnership with global distribution specialist InComm. This collaboration will connect Fidira with some of the largest retailers in the world and over 100,000 locations and distribution networks globally.

Clearing a Path to Mass Adoption, One Card at a Time

Fidira gift cards fill a need in the market to provide newcomers to DeFi with a safe and simple way to participate in this thriving ecosystem. Their talented team has put the necessary pieces in place to ensure NFTs and cryptocurrency will become widely available to consumers worldwide.

About MoonEdge

MoonEdge is a decentralized launchpad dedicated to connecting users and top-tier projects on the Polygon network. We support projects through a range of services to allow them to reach their full potential, and this includes key marketing strategies, advisory services, and the facilitation of fundraising. MoonEdge also conducts a thorough vetting process of every project’s fundamentals and team, to ensure our community can confidently participate in the IDOs we host.

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