Planet Mojo INO

3 min readMay 30, 2022


Greeting MoonEdge Community!

Like all of you, we are carefully navigating the current tumultuous market conditions to seek out projects with credible long-term value. Though things look bleak in a bear market, we know that the right gems allow us to position ourselves ideally for when the bull market resumes. On that note, we are thrilled to present our community with Planet Mojo, a very promising NFT gaming metaverse built on the Polygon blockchain that boasts a team full of veteran developers from entities such as Activision, Lucas Arts, and EA.


Mojo NFT Sale

Planet Mojo will be offering a subset of the first and only “Origin” Mojo through this NFT Sale. All participants will receive a “Moj-Seed” (a special seed from Planet Mojo), which will later be manually sprouted into a one-of-a-kind Mojo!

The Mojos are devilishly powerful, 3D plant creatures that enable you to play the games of Planet Mojo! Every mojo has unique attributes, rarities, poses, and animations, which holders can update when the game launches. Mojos will be available to be minted as NFTs post the NFT sale here.

What Do You Get? 5 NFTs for the price of 1!

Participants of the Planet Mojo INO who have sprouted their Moj-Seeds will be automatically airdropped 4 of the initial 6 Champions randomly ahead of the game’s early release in the summer! To be clear, by minting and holding 1 Mojo, you will be airdropped 4 NFTs for free!

You’ll receive 5 NFTs for the price of 1!

Mojo NFT Utilities

Your Mojos are more than good-looking battle plants. They’re also packed with utility! Here’s what you can look forward to as a holder:

  1. Early Game & Tournament Access: Access to the private Early Access games launched this summer and our first-ever tournament with a large rewards pool (details to be provided soon). With the Early Access version of our first game released this summer, our primary goal is to get our NFTs into the hands of real players as soon as possible. Those who purchase our initial NFTs will have the opportunity to help Planet Mojo balance and test. In addition, this will be an opportunity to provide the development team with valuable feedback that will be key to guiding the evolution and refinement of Planet Mojo.
  2. Allowlisted for Biomes: Mojo holders who have sprouted their Moj-Seeds will be automatically given access to upcoming Biome (land) sales.
  3. Community AllowList Spots: An opportunity to be AllowListed for Planet Mojo’s IDO.
  4. One Mojo, One Tree: Planet Mojo has partnered with a non-profit environmental charity dedicated to global reforestation. For each Mojo NFT purchased, Planet Mojo will donate 1 USD to One Tree Planet and their project ONE DOLLAR. ONE TREE. ONE PLANET. Mojo minters will choose where the new tree will be planted, and Planet Mojo pays 100% of the donation costs. To read more about this partnership, click here.
  5. And More: Holders will be eligible for additional airdrops and game rewards!

Why We’re Bullish on Planet Mojo

  • Raised over US$8 million from top funds, DAOs, and guilds, including Animoca Brands, Courtside Ventures, Republic Crypto, Alameda, Spartan Capital, SkyVision Capital, Polygon Studios, Merit Circle, and many others;
  • A team of game industry veterans from LucasArts, EA, Activision, and HappyGiant;
  • A game already far in its development process;
  • A growing and vibrant community!

Meet the Planet Mojo Team

Mike Levine, Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Ralph Gerth, Executive Director

Eric Campanella, Art Director

Jure Bogunovic, Blockchain Engineer

Jim Rice, Lead Character Artist