MoonEdge x Polygon Launchpad

We are thrilled to announce that MoonEdge and Polygon (formerly MATIC Network) are now working in close collaboration, officiating MoonEdge’s commitment to develop the first dedicated decentralized launchpad, for project launches on Polygon!

MoonEdge’s collaboration with Polygon will enable us to exponentiate the development of the launchpad, with the full technical support of their developer community and network. This also signifies our commitment to the mission of developing the Polygon ecosystem, encouraging mass adoption while working alongside each individual project.

Polygon is leading the field in Layer-2 solutions, with all the necessary elements to be the key scaling solution leader of Ethereum.

  • Growing developer’s community
  • High level of decentralization and security
  • Lowest gas cost and near-instant transactions

“The successes of Polygon’s strong solution have only just begun to unfold. We look forward to the future of the Polygon Network as it scales exponentially, attracting large blockchain developments within its ecosystem (especially for innovative ideas related to the DeFi, NFT and gaming sectors).” — MoonEdge team.

Quick Updates

Over the past couple of months, the MoonEdge team has been actively developing, testing, and improving the smart contracts. The user interface has also been upgraded significantly to be simple and intuitive, ensuring a smooth user experience. The tiered system has also been refined to offer the fairest investment opportunities for all members of the community.

The team is grateful to Polygon for their trust in our vision. We are excited and we look forward to a great collaboration moving forward.

Polygon, known as “Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains” is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development designed for launching interoperable blockchains. To achieve its goal, Polygon uses a variety of technologies: POS chain, Plasma chains, ZK-rollups, Optimistic rollups, Stand-alone chains and Shared security chains.

Polygon targeted some of Ethereum’s major limitations and solved them by bringing near-instant transactions with negligible fees, whilst also offering a great user experience and allowing for community governance.

Icing on the cake? If you are an Ethereum Developer, you are already a Polygon developer!

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MoonEdge is the first decentralized launch pad fully dedicated to project launches on Polygon. Our mission is to offer easier token distribution, facilitate fundraising for new innovative projects, and guarantee project legitimacy.

MoonEdge embodies a strict selection criterion for projects that launch on MoonEdge, ensuring that only top-tier projects are brought to our community, minimizing the risks of scams and/or rug-pulls.

MoonEdge and their partners also offer full support to the projects that launch on our platform. We assure that projects get all the resources they need to achieve their full potential.

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