MoonEdge — The Matic Launch Pad

MoonEdge is the first decentralized launch pad fully dedicated to project launches on Matic (now Polygon). At MoonEdge, we aim to become the benchmark for Layer 2 Initial Dex Offering (IDO) platforms. Our mission is to offer easier token distribution, to facilitate fundraising for new projects, and to guarantee project legitimacy on our platform.

Ethereum still remains the leading blockchain technology for decentralized apps and DeFi. However, gas fees are becoming incredibly high and, at the same time, so are the block confirmation times. Since Ethereum 2.0 has yet to be announced, several Layer 2 scaling solutions emerged to fill in the gap. As such, Matic has positioned itself as the leading Layer 2 scaling solution: it allows near instant block confirmation with negligible gas fees while remaining secure and decentralized.

In the last two months, an exponential increase in activity on the Matic Network shows the beginning of an adoption wave: Ethereum users are seeking a cheaper and faster solution. With block confirmation time under a second and transaction fees lower than $0.01, Matic is seen as the next big paradigm shift brought on to DeFi and dapps.

Matic’s potential has yet been unveiled. It is still early in the adoption cycle, as seen by comparing the Total Value Locked (TVL) for Matic Network (Polygon) and Uniswap, a flagship project from the Ethereum Network.

source: DefiPulse (consulted March 10th 2021)

Furthermore, the trade volume on Quickswap (the main DEX on Matic) is increasing rapidly, reaching a volume of $50M in 24 hours at the end of February. New projects will start to catch up on this big opportunity and start to consider using the Matic Network in the coming months. MoonEdge plans to be there and ready for new projects that want to launch directly on Matic!

Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain have been plagued with projects that pulled liquidity (commonly known as “rug pulling”). We want to avoid rug pulling and other scams by being proactive and front running the problem. Matic is an amazing network with extremely low fees, and we want to offer safe investment opportunities to every investor by certifying that due diligence has been done on every project that is listed on our platform.

MoonEdge will also introduce a fair system that allows investors with any capital size to have a guaranteed allocation in every IDO. No exceptions. There will also be no unfair mechanics, such as a lottery, that advantages bots. We believe that a fair launch pad platform is key to greater project adoption because it lowers the barrier for token distribution and increases project launch visibility.

We are actively discussing with multiple projects that are interested in offering their IDO on MoonEdge. These projects stem from different domains, spanning from the NFT space and social tokens to the DeFi sector. We cannot yet disclose the nature of these projects, but we can already state that we deem they will bring great innovations to Matic and the crypto ecosystem as a whole!

We are currently accepting new project submissions for IDOs on MoonEdge. Even if your project is not fully launch ready, contact us with any questions at:

The MoonEdge token will serve for launch pad operations, where each community member will be rewarded for its contribution. MoonEdge token holders will be able to participate in the project IDOs listed on our platform. Furthermore, tokens will allow the possibility to offer staking rewards in means of supporting the development and marketing of the platform.

The Tokenomics will be disclosed soon!

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How do I setup a Matic Wallet in MetaMask ?
You can find a tutorial in the official Matic documentation here. Follow the instructions to properly setup your MetaMask wallet on the Matic Network Mainnet.

How do I transfer ETH to the Matic Network?
You can find a full tutorial of the deposit and withdrawal process here.

What is the Uniswap of Matic?
Quickswap, a fork of Uniswap, which works exactly the same way as Uniswap does, but with exceptionally low transaction fees!

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