MoonEdge Strategic Partnership Announcement

MoonEdge’s strategic fundraising has been a great success, attracting strong partnership interest and with the round being oversubscribed by ~14x.

The MoonEdge team is excited to share that we have officially closed our strategic financing round.

The investment round was led by SkyVision Capital, ChainGuardians, GD10 Ventures, Grizzly Capital, and accompanied by X21 Digital, NGC Ventures, Axia8 Ventures, Synaps, PetRock Capital, SneakyVC, Twin Apex Capital, Krypital Group, Chainflow Capital, Hyperion, T3E, Signum Capital. While we have garnered strong open interest in investments, our strategic partners have been selected based on collaborative compatibility, to contribute to the long-term success of MoonEdge.

SkyVision Capital has had the opportunity to collaborate with the MoonEdge team since the inception of the Launchpad idea to assisting with building strategic partnerships, marketing campaigns and ensuring legal compliance for the longevity of the project. This has been a cohesive partnership as both teams from SkyVision Capital and MoonEdge are aligned in their long term visions — that is, incubating new crypto projects and accelerating their growth potential to ultimately build the crypto ecosystem with goals of promoting mass adoption.

— Patrick, Venture Partner at SkyVision Capital

Quick Updates

As we move closer to announcing our launch, we are in the midst of finalizing a few key steps.

Intelligible design is a key factor to success, and the team is committed to building the best interface to enable a smooth experience for users and onboarding projects.

Launch…pad? Multiple projects have shown interest in conducting their launch on MoonEdge. The team is currently reviewing and will be proceeding forward with those that meet our stringent criteria.

And finally, the whitelisting system for our community sale will be released soon. News and instructions will be posted in time to come, so keep up to date by following us on Twitter, and join the conversation on our Telegram!

We are excited to be one of the lead investors of MoonEdge. As an incubator and investor, we place strong beliefs in the Polygon ecosystem and we envision that MoonEdge will play a crucial role in its wide scale adoption. Embodying a community-centric model, we are strongly aligned with MoonEdge’s vision of a fair-tiered design, and the creation of economically purposeful incentives within its system. It has, and will be, a pleasure to work with the MoonEdge team, we look forward to building towards this vision together!

— Marlon, Partner at Grizzly Capital

About MoonEdge

MoonEdge is the first decentralized launch pad fully dedicated to project launches on Polygon. Our mission is to offer easier token distribution, facilitate fundraising for new innovative projects, and guarantee project legitimacy.

MoonEdge embodies strict selection criteria for projects that launch on its platform, ensuring that only top-tier projects are brought to our community, minimizing the risks of scams and/or rug-pulls.

MoonEdge and their partners also offer full support to the projects that launch on our platform. We ensure that projects get all the resources they require to achieve their full potential.

Featuring our Lead Investors

SkyVision Capital is a Venture Capital firm that enables game changing disruption in blockchain technology. As investing pioneers in the blockchain space, the team sponsors, supports and incubates exciting early stage blockchain projects through careful analysis and research. SkyVision Capital specializes in providing world class legal and strategic advisory services for numerous crypto start-ups in the dynamic and ever-changing landscape surrounding digital assets. SkyVision Capital is ultimately dedicated to incubating and investing in founders of tomorrow, today.

Chain Guardians is an anime-inspired strategy game with the tagline “Blockchain for Superheroes.” ChainGuardians vision is to enable mass adoption to blockchain gaming through creating imaginative, innovative and immersive cross-chain gaming experiences. Their philosophy is underpinned by forming partnerships with other ambitious projects to work collaboratively towards breaking through technological and ideological barriers.

We’re extremely excited at the prospect of collaborating with Moonedge to assist with the acceleration of Blockchain adoption. We were very impressed with the Moonedge team and the expertise they demonstrated when we spoke with them.

— Robbie Cochrane, Co-Founder at ChainGuardians

GD10 Ventures is a highly respected and connected organization in the Web3 industry and has worked with large DeFi and NFT projects, including Reef Finance, Boson Protocol,, ChainGuardians and Kylin Network. GD10’s CEO and founder, Dr Deeban Ratneswaran, has advised over 50 million dollars in funding and has extensive experience in developing go-to-market strategies for projects. GD10 Ventures helps develop early-stage Web3 companies through their alliance of financiers and marketers.

Grizzly Capital is a Venture Capital fund based in the Netherlands and Germany. Grizzly Capital is fully dedicated to the projects they invest in. Their far-reaching promotion and marketing resources create the foundation for strong community growth. Despite being a small team, they are nimble and have established their name in the blockchain space.

Launching on MoonEdge?

We are currently accepting IDOs submission on MoonEdge. Please fill the following form.

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