MoonEdge Presents: The BCMH INO

4 min readOct 21, 2021


If you are one of our community members who participated in our Blockchain Monster Hunt IDO on October 14th, you saw firsthand the excitement this new NFT game is bringing to the blockchain gaming space. BCMH aims to become the first-ever completely decentralized multi-chain game that continues to evolve with new monsters popping up on multiple blockchains across the metaverse.

The BCMH team has plenty of surprises lined up for its community and the next stage of evolution is their rollout of Genesis Monster NFTs, an event that will take place between October 25th and November 10th, 2021.

What Are Genesis Monsters?

Genesis Monsters are the first generation of BCMH monsters that possess unique personalities and characteristics. They’re seen as the ancestors of the more common Wild and Artificial monsters and unlike their successors, Genesis monsters cannot be caught on the blockchain or created in the game. These limited edition NFTs are distributed exclusively outside of the game and if they are lost in battle, they are gone forever.

Introducing Kousti! The Ice Monster Available Exclusively on MoonEdge

A key objective in the game is to catch rare monsters as they are hatched to build up your collection and MoonEdge is excited to announce the exclusive release of “Kousti,” the BCMH Ice Monster Genesis NFT, available only to players through the MoonEdge Platform.

Rarity is of the utmost importance when increasing your BCMH monster count. The more rare a monster is, the more unique its powers will be and the powers of its subsequent offspring if you choose to breed it. This also results in more value should the owner of this NFT decide to sell or trade it on the open market.

This makes the Kousti one of the most rare, and valuable, Genesis Monsters in the BCMH metaverse.

Other Advantages of Owning a BCMH Genesis Monster

Getting a headstart on your monster collection before BCMH officially launches comes with unique benefits. Here are some other reasons why owning a rare Genesis Monster is favorable for all players.

Exclusive Staking Pool

BCMH allows players to stake their NFTs to earn more $BCMC. However, Genesis Monsters have an exclusive staking pool that no other monster species can access.

Breeding Ability/Flash Loan

Genesis monsters are the ancestors of every other BCMH monster species. This means to engineer a new monster species, players will require a Genesis Monster. Holders of these rare NFTs can also utilize the BCMH NFT Flash Loan feature, allowing them to lend their Genesis Monster to other players in exchange for financial benefits.

Increased Catching Ability

Genesis monsters can do more than breed and battle, they can also help you catch other monsters on blockchains depending on their element! This adds to their immense value as players have a better chance of building their BCMH army.

Get Ready to Mint Your Genesis Monster

MoonEdge will host the BCMH Ice Monster INO on October 28th, 2021 directly on our website. The MoonEdge platform will only sell 300 Kousti at $600 each. Thus, they will be sold on a FCFS basis. Participants will be required to have an approved KYC and have an active staking status during the snapshot at 2PM UTC on October 26th.

The sale will go as follows:

First Round

  • At 2PM UTC, members in Tier 3 and Tier 4 will be able to purchase Kousti
  • At 3PM UTC, members in every Tier (1 to 4) will be able to purchase Kousti

Second Round

  • Open at 4PM UTC and close at 10PM UTC. All Tiers can participate.

The limit per member is one Kousti in the First Round and one Kousti in the Second Round. The NFT purchased will be airdropped later by the BCMH team.

Get ready to mint your Genesis Monster and bolster your collection to dominate the BCMH metaverse!

About BCMH

Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMH) is the world’s first multi-chain game that runs entirely on the blockchain itself. Inspired by Pokémon-GO, BCMH allows players to continuously explore brand-new places on the blockchain to hunt and battle monsters. Each block on the blockchain is a unique digital space where a limited number of monsters (of the same DNA gene and rarity) may exist. Players and collectors can hunt or battle for a chance to capture these unique monsters and earn coins. The game will run on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon followed by a gradual expansion to other EVM as well as non-EVM chains in later versions.

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MoonEdge is a decentralized launchpad dedicated to connecting users and top-tier projects on the Polygon network. We support projects through a range of services to allow them to reach their full potential, and this includes key marketing strategies, advisory services, and the facilitation of fundraising. MoonEdge also conducts a thorough vetting process of every project’s fundamentals and team, to ensure our community can confidently participate in the IDOs we host.

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