MoonEdge Presents: Staking V2

2 min readNov 2, 2021


Greeting MoonEdgers!

What a month October has been! All of our launches were a resounding success and we welcomed new partners to collaborate with to help bring you a more opportunity-rich experience. We have also confirmed some changes to our staking protocol that we would like to take a moment and share with you.

What’s New

To kick things off, our team decided to provide $MOONED holders with the opportunity to add $MOONED and/or LP tokens to their stake. We also added the option to extend the staking period up to 730 days, which will be calculated from the initial staking time.

Please note that the minimum staking time is now 14 days.

Reduced Multipliers

The reward multipliers were judged too high by a majority of the community. Indeed, there are more users in Tier 4 than in all the other tiers combined. Thus,

  • MOONED staking multiplier has been reduced from 5x to 2x (for a 2-year staking rMOONED bonus).
  • LP token staking multiplier has also been reduced from 10x to 4x (for a 2-year staking rMOONED bonus).

Rewards for Our Long-Term Supporters

Nothing is more valuable to us than our community, and your unwavering support since day one has not gone unnoticed. To show our appreciation, we are letting all current stakers keep their original multipliers until their tokens get unlocked.

The new multipliers will only apply to any modification of the current staking. Hence, in these three cases:

  • When newly staking
  • With the addition of MOONED and/or LP tokens
  • When extending the staking period.

System Upgrades and Fixes

The MoonEdge dev team strives to ensure all users have the best experience and opportunities possible. We appreciate your patience as we remove bugs and glitches, and we kindly ask that if you have any issues, please report them to our community mods and we will be happy to fix them at the soonest possible time.

Going for More in Q4

The MoonEdge momentum is not dwindling as we charge forward in Q4 and close out the year with more partnerships and top-tier projects to present you with. Again, thank you for your commitment to MoonEdge and we look forward to sharing more big announcements with you soon.

About MoonEdge

MoonEdge is a decentralized launchpad dedicated to connecting users and top-tier projects on the Polygon network. We support projects through a range of services to allow them to reach their full potential, and this includes key marketing strategies, advisory services, and the facilitation of fundraising. MoonEdge also conducts a thorough vetting process of every project’s fundamentals and team, to ensure our community can confidently participate in the IDOs we host.

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