MoonEdge: Polygons First Launchpad, Why We Chose Polygon

When deciding which network to launch your project on, the decision can be seriously stressful. For example, Ethereum offers tremendous diversity, community and decentralization but lags on network technology and capacity. In contrast, Binance Smart Chain provides a fix to the issues befalling Ethereum, but falls short on project vetting, security, and decentralization. While alternatives outside these two leading networks are often underdeveloped ideas rather than a working product.

In light of these pertinent details, MoonEdge concluded that neither network would provide everything they needed. Instead, they selected Polygon, the interoperability and scaling framework for building Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Polygon connects the incredible features of the Ethereum Network with the speed and interoperability associated with Polkadot.

In fact, Polygon provides Ethereum Network with the scaling support intrinsic to its further growth. Polygon is unique in this sense as it is not trying to overtake Ethereum but rather bolster and guide it.

Why We Chose Polygon

We decided to build and operate MoonEdge on Polygon for three critical reasons. These reasons include

  1. Polygon’s full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
  2. Scaling solutions and the interoperable future
  3. The best projects will turn to Polygon’s improved version of Ethereum to host their projects; therefore, they need MoonEdge to help them seamlessly launch

EVM Compatibility


Depiction of the framework Polygon provides to Ethereum Network. Also known as the Ethereum internet of blockchains.

The EVM compatibility of Polygon makes the barrier to entry of the network incredibly low. Through this attribute, anyone who has built on Ethereum or knows how to build on Ethereum can seamlessly build on Polygon. As a result, the borders between these networks are broken down, and Ethereum developers can quickly utilize the improved features of Polygon’s network to help them scale while maintaining valued security and decentralization.

Overall, EVM compatibility is an essential feature for making the transition to their network as smooth as possible. This seamlessness and equitability align immaculately with our company values at MoonEdge.


How the Polygon Network interacts with the EVM through the Merkle Tree security layering system. This PoS adds an additional layer of security to all transactions conducted on Polygon.

Solving Scaling Problems Through Proof-of-Stake and Interoperability

Secondly, Polygon solves the core limitations behind Ethereum Network by implementing proof-of-stake scaling solutions and interoperability. The proof-of-stake system alters Polygon into a much more sustainable network in support of Ethereum. This system enables minuscule transaction costs and higher speeds.

Further, interoperability is in place and continually being built on to achieve further scaling in the future. The pathway of blockchain technology is quickly trending toward interoperability. Therefore Polygon’s interoperable building efforts mean businesses and networks that wish to have the most room to scale should look to Polygon for their solution.

The Place For The Most Ambitious Projects

As mentioned previously, projects that are tired of Ethereums Network latency are in urgent need of an alternative like Polygon. Thus, the startups that require space and rapid speeds for their Dapps to operate at the highest rate need a different option. Polygon is the best choice due to its ability to communicate and work with Dapps hosted by Ethereum harmoniously.

Therefore, projects on Polygon will still leverage all of Ethereums best features with the added benefit of Polygons. This win-win situation will result in a flux of projects looking to build on Polygon.

As a first-mover on the Polygon Network, MoonEdge will be there to host its pick of the very best projects available. This frugality will ensure MoonEdge, as Polygon’s preferred launchpad, will be in place to ensure Polygon users and MoonEdgers will get their pick of the very best projects. Further, MoonEdge and Polygon will support the growth of the network in unison from the ground up, ensuring fluid and secure IDOs for great startups.

About MoonEdge

MoonEdge is the first decentralized launch pad fully dedicated to project launches on Polygon (formally Matic). MoonEdge’s goal is to provide a seamless path for Polygon-built projects to make it to market. Through this, we are lowering the barrier to entry for all Polygon enthusiasts. To find out more, check out our website.

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