MoonEdge — Decentralized Fund Raising on Polygon

MoonEdge is the Launchpad of choice for blockchain projects launching on Polygon (formerly MATIC Network). MoonEdge introduces decentralized and democratized fundraising, bridging investors and curated quality projects built on Polygon.

The Edge

MoonEdge brings the most advanced features as a new generation of IDO Launchpads to the table. A brief intro on the features:

  • Fair-tiered system that secures the community guaranteed allocations
  • Innovative reward mechanisms to incentivize long-term supporters
  • Evolving community governance integration
  • Data driven fine-tuning of the Launchpad

We look to onboard users and projects onto the Polygon ecosystem. With greater fundraising access, we strive to protect all participants involved from scams and bad actors. Projects which are listed on MoonEdge are subjected to a thorough vetting process and undergoes detailed scrutiny. This is done via an elected MoonEdge committee, which consists of its partners and advisors.

The Potential

Recent times have seen the rise of the IDO (Initial DEX Offering) as the primary vehicle of fundraising for new blockchain projects. While IDOs present several benefits over older fundraising models (such as ICOs and IEOs), they have become limited in their efficacy due to rising transaction costs. In particular, in the realm of the Ethereum network with transaction costs surging unsustainably.

In the context of fundraising, these surging prices suppress the ability of investors to participate when costs of interacting with the network are inordinate. This limits participation to only those who can make sizable transactions which warrant the costs.

ETH Mean Fee (USD), source: (consulted May 18th 2021)

We believe that the next shift in the domain of IDOs is for new projects to launch directly onto Layer 2 solutions. As we mentioned in previous Medium post here, we believe that Polygon will be that solution.

Since our last post, we have seen the likes of Ethereum blue-chips Aave, mStable, Curve Finance and Instadapp launch on Polygon. The growth of the Polygon ecosystem, which has seen a growth in users by over four-fold through April and May, will only continue to grow as more applications become available.

source: Alex Svanevik’s post (consulted May 5th 2021)

The MoonEdge Token

The MoonEdge token will facilitate launchpad operations, where each community member will be rewarded for their contribution. With a guaranteed allocation based on the fair-tiered system, every MoonEdge token holder is entitled to participate in top quality IDOs listed on the platform.

Furthermore, the token will play a central role in the MoonEdge’s future community governance. Innovative staking functions in means of supporting the development of the platform and rewarding its long-term investors will also be implemented.

Launching on MoonEdge?

We are currently accepting IDOs submission on MoonEdge. Please fill the following form.

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