Introduction to the MoonEdge Tier System

We at MoonEdge are very excited about our upcoming launch, and we have nearly announced all of our whitelist winners. As you all know, our mission is to create the most equitable and transparent experience imaginable as the Polygon exclusive launchpad. The decision to commit to Polygon was to raise the level of inclusivity by lowering costs. Thus, today, we are delighted to present our tier structure, which aligns with our goals of inclusivity and accessibility to our valued and dedicated community members.

Overall, we are devoted to creating a powerful jump starter for projects on the Polygon Network and developing an ecosystem that rewards our supporters. Read on to learn which tier is right for you.

Breakdown of the MoonEdge Tier System

As many investors have realized by now, typical launchpads wind up becoming exclusive clubs for high-level associates and VCs. By the time the door opens to retail investors, sale prices and the allocation associated with them become out of reach, leaving little chances of entering a position, let alone seeing a decent ROI.

MoonEdge, however, takes a very different approach. Through the acquisition of $MOONED tokens, retail investors can access early rounds in promising blockchain/crypto projects on our launchpad. We implement a tier system and pool structure to ensure all participants are paid fairly based on the number of tokens held. The breakdown of the token requirements and allocation for each tier group are as follows:

Tier 1: Asteroid

The entry-level Asteroid tier is a great way for those with modest capital to get some skin in the game. Asteroid tier investors will be required to hold a minimum of 5,000 $MOONED tokens, and this tier group will share a guaranteed total pool weight of 2.

Tier 2: Comet

Moving up from the Asteroid tier is the Comet tier. Investors in this group will be required to hold a minimum of 10,000 $MOONED tokens, with a guaranteed total pool weight allocation of 5.

Tier 3: Meteor

The minimum token requirement for Meteor tier investors is 20,000 $MOONED tokens. This tier group will receive a guaranteed total pool weight allocation of 12.

Tier 4: Meteorite

Lastly, investors who hold 50,000 $MOONED tokens will receive a guaranteed pool weight of 35 to be shared among those in the Meteorite tier.

Tier X: Edge Fragment

The final tier edge fragment will remain undisclosed until after launch. We came to this conclusion for the Edge Fragment in order to reward only the most devout and loyal among our community first.

Example of a Raise Based on This Tier Structure

The pool weights have been fine-tuned based on 100,000 simulations. The best parameters for the platform short and long-term were selected. The weights will still be revised with all the data that will be gathered after every single IDO.

The weights for the different tiers are:

  • Asteroid: 2
  • Comet: 5
  • Meteor: 12
  • Meteorite: 35

Let’s do an example considering only the first four tiers. The total raise is: 1,000,000 tokens.

The distribution of holders is:

  • 100 Asteroid tier holders;
  • 30 Comet holders;
  • 10 Meteor holders;
  • 5 Meteorite holders.

The combined weight of all the qualifying buyers is given by the sum of each w tier weight * h number of holders per tier i (from 1 to n).

Therefore: (2*100) + (5*30) + (12*10) + (35*5) = 645

Then, we can calculate the number of tokens per share: 1,000,000/645 ~= 1550

The allocation for each tier is given by:

Tier allocation = tier weight * participants per tier * token per share

  • Asteroid: 2*100*1550 = 310,000
  • Comet: 5*30*1550 = 232,500
  • Meteor:12*10*1550 = 186,000
  • Meteorite:5*35*1550 = 271,250

Number of tokens each member of a tier is allocated is calculated with:

member allocation = tier allocation/participants per tier

  • Asteroid: 310,000/100 = 3,100 per participant
  • Comet: 232500/30 = 7,750 per participant
  • Meteor: 186000/10 = 18,600 per participant
  • Meteorite: 271250/5 = 54,250 per participant

Let Us Take You to the Moon

We believe that every investor that utilizes our platform should be treated as a valued community member. This means they should receive a fair allocation for the projects/IDOs they participate in without exception. By doing so, we can accomplish our goal of a thriving ecosystem that lowers the barrier for investors entering the market, and increasing visibility for projects that restore their confidence in it.

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