Introducing MoonEdge’s Community Account

At MoonEdge, we remain committed to ensuring our community has every opportunity to join and support top-tier projects in DeFi. Coincidentally, these same projects look for this feature when selecting a launchpad community to connect with. The MoonEdge Tier X accomplishes this goal by installing a fair system that caters to all members, including those with limited amounts of capital. It includes the already existing community of the projects hosted on our launchpad and allows more participants to discover and join the MoonEdge’s ecosystem.

How to Create Your Account

A Tier X draw will be held that gives all members a chance to participate in the IDO of their choosing. Users will be required to set up their community account and then complete a set of tasks that pertain to the project, to be eligible for the draw. Follow these simple steps to set up your community account:

  1. Go to the
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Click on the wallet icon and then on Community Account
  4. Then you will need to verify the ownership of your wallet by signing a message with your wallet (no transaction needed, thus it is a gasless verification)
  5. You will then need to link your Telegram and Twitter accounts
  6. As general tasks for all the upcoming IDOs, you must be following MoonEdge’s Twitter account, and join the MoonEdge Telegram group and announcement channel
  7. Before each draw, the system will add to the lottery every participant that completed all the mandatory tasks
  8. Some optional tasks will increase your chance of winning a Tier X entry slot.

Transparency and Fairness

To ensure that the selection process is completely fair, we are integrating Chainlink’s randomized VRF technology which is the industry standard for randomized selection protocols. The draw will take place on-chain and we are developing and testing the best way to execute this process.

Empowering Our Community

The community account will also provide users with the opportunity to vote on important platform decisions and protocol update proposals. This is the first step towards MoonEdge becoming a fully decentralized organization (DAO). To be able to vote, users are required to complete the first three steps in the setup process and be actively staking. The weight of their vote will be in proportion to their rMOONED balance. Therefore, the more you stake, the more impact your vote will have on the most important decisions.

Striving to Improve in All Areas

MoonEdge is honored to have the support of such an incredible community and we strive each day to make your experience more enjoyable and equitable. Stay tuned for further news and updates designed to empower and enrich you.

About MoonEdge

MoonEdge is a decentralized launchpad dedicated to connecting users and top-tier projects on the Polygon network. We support projects through a range of services to allow them to reach their full potential, and this includes key marketing strategies, advisory services, and the facilitation of fundraising. MoonEdge also conducts a thorough vetting process of every project’s fundamentals and team, to ensure our community can confidently participate in the IDOs we host.

Connect with MoonEdge

Twitter | Telegram Channel | Telegram Group | Website



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