How MoonEdge Provides The Fairest Launchpad Experience Ever

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Read on to learn all about how MoonEdge created the fairest possible launchpad experience for our community members and investors. The equitability of our core launchpad infrastructure hinges on project selection, allocation structure and a strict vetting process.

The Polygon Difference

Being among the first launchpads in the early growth stages of a network as technologically potent as Polygon (formerly Matic) provides some distinct advantages. The most influential of which is the privilege of being profoundly selective with the projects we launch. Therefore we can provide our users only premier projects due to our fundamental support of Polygon in its earliest stages.

Further, the Polygon network solves the scaling issues latent to Ethereum. Through this, our investors are afforded inexpensive IDO participation. Thus, Polygon ensures overwhelming network fees do not hinder the buying and selling of tokens, which creates a more equitable experience for investors of all capital levels.

Guaranteed Allocation

The second and most pivotal aspect of our transcendent launchpad equitability is our allocation system. The MoonEdge allocation system involved guaranteed allocation for all investment classes. Our tiers are structured to ensure every size and type of investor has the opportunity to get involved in the growth and development of the Polygon platform’s earliest projects.

System Details:

  1. Minimum holding requirement for each tier
  2. Tiers will dynamically adjust based on weighted pool size
  3. Project allocations vary for each tier
  4. Snapshots are taken pre-launch to determine tier placement

Leveraging an Experienced Team and Powerful Partners

Through our powerful industry partners and talented team, we deliver complete project due diligence. This methodology ensures only top-tier projects are brought to our community, minimizing the chance of scams and rug-pulls. This project scrutiny is in place so we can provide the most equitable experience in the industry.

Overall our distinct combination of being an endorsed first-mover on Polygon, our guaranteed allocation system, and our experienced team, allows us to deliver the fairest launchpad experience possible.

About MoonEdge

MoonEdge is the first decentralized launch pad fully dedicated to project launches on Polygon (formally Matic). MoonEdge’s goal is to provide a seamless path for Polygon-built projects to make it to market. Through this, we are lowering the barrier to entry for all Polygon enthusiasts. To find out more, check out our Litepaper.

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