Blockchain Monster Hunt IDO — Participation Details

Greetings MoonEdgers!

We are so grateful for the support and excitement our loyal community has shown thus far through the launch of our first IDO which was very successful. Now it is time for us to announce the details of our second thrilling project IDO, Blockchain Monster Hunt.

The highly-sought BCMH IDO will take place on October 13, 2021, at 2PM UTC and we would like to take a moment to share some important information surrounding this exciting event.

Requirements to Participate

In order to participate in the BCMH IDO, users will be required to have an approved KYC at 2PM UTC, October 12th. Your staking status must be active during the staking snapshot (at 2PM UTC on October 12th) and also remain active during the IDO.

You’ll be pleased to know that we offer a more simple and streamlined KYC process than many other launchpads on the market and you can learn more about it by clicking here. Please note that we recommend that all eligible participants complete the KYC as soon as possible to ensure that no unexpected delays prevent them from being able to participate.

  • Round 1 will start at 2PM UTC on October 13 and end at 2PM UTC on October 14.
  • Round 2 will start at 2PM UTC on October 14 and end at 4PM UTC on October 14.

IDO Details

  • The total raised for this event will be $100,000 with USDC as the swap currency.
  • The ticker for the Blockchain Monster Hunt native token is $BCMC
  • The price per each $BCMC at our IDO is $0.09 USD
  • Participant allocation size will be determined by their tier level
  • Community Tier (Tier X) winners have a $10 USDC allocation.

Vesting Schedule

Tokens purchased during the IDO will be 100% unlocked on October 14th, at 4PM UTC.

About BCMH

Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMH) is the world’s first multi-chain game that runs entirely on the blockchain itself. Inspired by Pokémon-GO, BCMH allows players to continuously explore brand-new places on the blockchain to hunt and battle monsters. Each block on the blockchain is a unique digital space where a limited number of monsters (of the same DNA gene and rarity) may exist. Players and collectors can hunt or battle for a chance to capture these unique monsters and earn coins. The game will run on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon followed by a gradual expansion to other EVM as well as non-EVM chains in later versions.

Connect with BCMH

Twitter | Telegram Channel | Discord | Website

About MoonEdge

MoonEdge is a decentralized launchpad dedicated to connecting users and top-tier projects on the Polygon network. We support projects through a range of services to allow them to reach their full potential, and this includes key marketing strategies, advisory services, and the facilitation of fundraising. MoonEdge also conducts a thorough vetting process of every project’s fundamentals and team, to ensure our community can confidently participate in the IDOs we host.

Connect with MoonEdge

Twitter | Telegram Channel | Telegram Group | Website




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