2021 at a Glance and a Promising 2022 Ahead

3 min readJan 20, 2022


When looking back on 2021, we cannot help but reflect on what an incredible year it was for the MoonEdge team and community. This was largely due to everyone who supported us through our partnerships, IDOs, and community building, to make MoonEdge one of the fastest-rising and most trusted launchpads in all of DeFi.

Throughout all of last year, we achieved major milestones that helped propel MoonEdge to become a household name in the world of blockchain. This included strategic fundraising, Fixed Swap Pools, our tiered system release, community tier, staking system, and much more. But this success has not left us resting on our digital laurels. We are more motivated than ever to make 2022 an even greater success and take MoonEdge to new and exciting heights. Take a look at what we are determined to accomplish to make that happen:

Starting 2022 Strong

Multi-chain Expansion

The first quarter of 2022 will be met with several key milestones in both technical and community-building aspects. First, we initiate a multi-chain expansion to integrate EVM and non-EVM compatible blockchains beginning with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

VRF Integration Release

Our Chainlink VRF integration is coming along as planned. It is currently undergoing the final round of tests before it is fully released. We will use this feature for our Community Tier (Tier X) and all other lottery functions on our platform.

Community Tier V2

On the subject of our Community Tier, we have made drastic improvements to incentivization and inclusiveness mechanisms and the Community Tier flow.

Private Round Integration

Lastly, we will integrate seed and private sales and refine our private offering model.

MoonEdge Roadmap for 2022

Carrying Through to Q2

Community Voting Release

From the outset, we embarked on a journey to put our community first and empower them with full governance over the MoonEdge platform. The release of our Community Voting protocol is another step toward decentralized community governance and will be integrated with the Community Account and tied to the Staking System.

Not Slowing Down in Q3

Staking V3

In order for our staking model to be truly effective, we will implement changes to its infrastructure in Q3 to be less limiting and irreversible.

Gamified Environment Release

We are also capitalizing on the meteoric rise of Play-To-Earn gaming and are setting our sights on releasing our very own gamified environment. This will undoubtedly make us stand out from other launchpads and create more value for our community, as it will welcome a new wave of users into the MoonEdge ecosystem.

Deflationary System

These Q3 upgrades (Staking V3 & Gamified Environment) will come with deflationary mechanics that will ultimately reduce the total $MOONED supply.

Ending 2022 the Way We Started

MoonEdge DAO

We plan to end 2022 with a fully functioning MoonEdge DAO. This will create a fully decentralized platform that is owned and controlled by our community. This includes decisions on all changes and project reviews.

Creators Ecosystem

In an effort to make initial offerings more simplified for creators, MoonEdge will integrate an easy-to-use interface that enables creators to deploy an initial offering with no coding skills necessary. These initial offerings will need to go through a community whitelisting process and will be offered directly on the MoonEdge platform along with the community review.

Community First

We realize that without the support and enthusiasm of our amazing community, none of this would be possible; and we remain fully committed to ensuring every member has the opportunity to participate in IDOs of top-tier projects. The changes we implement in 2022 will not only improve our platform but also welcome new members into our ecosystem. In doing so, we will successfully increase the utility of MOONED, ultimately rewarding users and project developers alike.

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